Welcome to Banstead's brand new shiny community website, dedicated to the local residents of Banstead. Our aim is to provide an informative and friendly community hub for residents to ask questions, share helpful information, news, local events and to discuss all topics related to Banstead with your neighbours.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Message. Please Read

We have created a forum with a focus on coordinating care efforts for people in Banstead who are self-isolating, especially if they are part of a more high-risk demographic including the elderly, disabled and people with other pre-existing health issues.

This is a place to offer help to fellow neighbours, as well as ask for help, in these difficult times. If you require help or assistance, please feel free to post a message to see if someone local can help.

Visit the COVID-19 Banstead Neighbourhood Support Forum

Website Launch. Please Read.

The Banstead Community Forum was due to launch later this year as part of a much larger community platform dedicated to the residents of Banstead. We have decided to launch the forum element over the past few days in light of recent events, where community is more important than ever. As such, we are still working out how to most effectively organise and make information accessible. Please be patient with us and if you have any comments, ideas or something to contribute, please post a message or contact us. Thank you, Philip @BansteadAdmin.

Welcome to Banstead's Community Hub

This is a friendly community hub for residents of the Banstead community to discuss all topics related to Banstead with their fellow neighbours. If you are new, why not join the Banstead Community today!

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